Joyful Worship

Often when we gather to join others in worship, our hearts are weighed down with the cares of this world. We do not want to worship and it does not seem that ours will be genuine. However as the congregation sings, confesses, prays together, and hears God’s Word, His joy settles over His people.

We gain joy from seeing others enjoy what is good. God made us to be in community and there is a sense in which our joy is not complete until we have shared it with one another. The same is true when we enter into worship. God designed us to worship Him, not only privately, but to experience the joy of corporate worship. There is no substitute for corporate worship where our mouths are joined in union, confessing Jesus as Lord, singing His praises, testifying of His goodness, experiencing His presence, and hearing His Word together.

This joy cannot be duplicated.


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