New Class on Stewardship

  | September 5, 2014

Consider the following interest piece on the Adult Bible Hour (a.k.a. Sunday school) class on biblical stewardship that starts this Sunday.  It is written by Russ Stevens, the featured teacher and member at Meadowview Church:

Money can be a very sensitive topic and it seems that money is a major irritant in many marriages. It doesn’t have to be that way. God has a plan for how we handle our money, single or married. And as we know, God’s plans are for good for us not for evil. Regrettably, too many Christians follow the way of the world when it comes to handling their money. Starting September 7th, there will be an opportunity at Meadowview to learn some of God’s principles of handling money.

There is much folklore out there about money and how it is handled. Some may have heard the suggestion that it is a sin to be wealthy… that poverty is next to spirituality. A realistic look at that myth shows that there are dishonest poor people just as there are dishonest rich people. God does not want us to be preoccupied with money, but there’s nothing wrong with having some and even having much. God talked about a gift of giving, so might there be a gift of earning to go along with it?  Another myth is that money brings happiness. If money brings happiness, why are there so many terrible stories about how rich celebrities cheat on each other, do mean things to each other, and wind up in drug and alcohol rehabilitation? They have more than enough money to be happy.

Consider King Solomon.  Solomon is one of the best examples of this idea that wealth isn’t necessarily a sin but neither does money purchase happiness.  God granted Solomon wisdom and great wealth.  Yet Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes, which teaches us clearly, “I said in my heart, ‘Come now, I will test you with pleasure; enjoy yourself.’  But behold, this also was vanity.” (Ecc 2.1)

It’s obvious to me that there is a lot to learn about handling money God’s way. I’ve spent over 20 years teaching about God’s financial principles and would love to have you join us in the upcoming Bible hour class to learn together what God has to say. There are many very positive things that God has to say about money and how we handle it. If we follow God’s principles, God can bless us in ways that we may have never seen and most likely will never understand. Along the way, it just might change your life.

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