Sunday Morning Nursery

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Children’s Wing, Room 103
Birth through age 3

The care and nurture of our covenant children begins in the nursery. The babies and toddlers are given physical care in a clean and happy environment, and an introduction to our heavenly Father.  The nurseries are staffed with volunteers who take their ministry to the parents and babies seriously, and who strive to make the nursery a tear-free zone!

During the 9am Bible Hour, a 10-minute Tiny Treasure lesson is given to all the children, birth to 3.  It involves an age appropriate Bible lesson/verse, songs, instruments, and activities and it is usually given by the person who is the “constant” in the nursery.

Typical care of the babies involves hugging, rocking, singing, hand clapping, bubble blowing, coloring, play-dough playing, diaper changing, cheerio dispensing, Bible verse quoting, book reading, and loving.

Our volunteers really want to be in the nursery and they enjoy time with very little people. Though our goal is a tear-free hour, it can be said that we don’t mind a crying baby.

Contact information
For additional information contact Marie Kuhn, Director of Children’s Ministries, by phone (336-249-3680) or email.